We build a limited production car that was inspired and reproduced from the James Bond Movie, "Die Another Day". In a quote from Q, "Aston Martin... call it the Vanquish, we call it the Vanish". It's a common mistake to confuse the look of the Vanquish with the DB9. The lines on the Vanquish have more of an aggressive styling, where as the DB9 has a more softer look. It is also another common mistake to confuse the name Vanquish with another one of their lower end models, called the Vantage.

    Inspired by the James Bond movie, "Die Another Day", we set out to build a limited production luxury sports car that featured all the 'Spy Car' options.

    As mentioned in a press release from Ford, "Ford Motor Company vehicles have been featured in James Bond films more than any other automaker's, making the association the longest in cinematic history. So when the script for the new James Bond film, MGM Pictures and Eon Productions' Die Another Day, called for characters who jet set across the globe, each with his or her own sense of style and purpose - MGM called on its long-time associate with Ford to outfit these characters with the right vehicles". Once again, Ford's 'crown jewel' brand, Aston Martin, is cast yet again in Die Another Day.

    Aston Martin was bought out by ford in 1994, at which point Ford began to invest in the manufacturing of its newest venture. By opening two new factories, one in Bloxham in 1994 and another in Gaydon in 2003, Ford ramped up the efficiency of Aston Martin, as well as brought online some Aston Martin's most successful cars. Such as the DB7, The Vanquish, the Vantage, and the DBS which was used in the last film.

    Just as with Ford's involvement in the James Bond movies, as well as their owner ship in Aston Martin, we decided to start with a Ford platform, one that could easily be serviced at any Ford dealer. It is interesting to note that even in the movie Die Another Day, the Aston Martins had Ford Mustang running gears to help with the cold temperatures and the space needed for the guns and rockets.

    Our limited edition cars are handmade. We start with a Ford platform, and we install brand new crate engines from ford, along with a vortex supercharger. Giving us now over 400 horsepower. The transmissions are built to nearly 500 horsepower. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art suspension set up. We used German KW coil-over adjustable shocks, lengthened the wheelbase at the same time, widened the track, and created a lower center of gravity. The car was also equipped with Ford Cobra Racing brakes. This makes for a fantastic ride.

    This is a car body that is only made by us. All of out fibreglass parts are Vacuum-infused and heat-treated. They are finished in a glasurit basecoat clear coat and hand sanded and polished. The cars are appointed with stylish interiors with leather seats, beautiful 19" wheels, and Yokohama tires. These ultimate Spy Car editions are equipped with hood cannons and front grill rockets with machine guns. (Not real, of course.)

    In addition, every car comes with a complimentary one-of-a-kind framed memorabilia featuring original autographs by Pierce Brosnan along side a movie poster from Die Another Day.

We are trying to reproduce the ultimate James Bond spy car, not an Aston Martin (That is Aston Martin's job).

"The original James Bond car from Die Another Day was equipted with Mustang running gear"