All of the Ultimate Spy Cars produced for our 200 car limited-edition have been spoken for.
However, please contact us for information on cars that become available.

New The Ultimate Spy Car is featured in Nasu PS Garage Car Museum in Japan (click here for website)

    We build a limited production car that was inspired and reproduced from the James Bond Movie, "Die Another Day". In a quote from Q, "Aston Martin... call it the Vanquish, we call it the Vanish". It's a common mistake to confuse the look of the Vanquish with the DB9. The lines on the Vanquish have more of an aggressive styling, where as the DB9 has a more softer look. It is also another common mistake to confuse the name Vanquish with another one of their lower end models, called the Vantage.

    Inspired by the James Bond movie, "Die Another Day", we set out to build a limited production luxury sports car that featured all the 'Spy Car' options.

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The car is well equipped:

All of our fibreglass parts are Vacuum-infused and heat-treated. They are finished in a glasurit basecoat clear coat and hand sanded and polished. The cars are appointed with stylish interiors with leather seats, beautiful 19" wheels, Yokohama tires, HID headlights, super charged drive train, performance transmission, carbon fibre interior trim, sound proof glass, navigation system, push button start, proximity key, power seats, mirrors, windows and locks, high-end alarm system, and other gadgetry. These ultimate Spy Car editions are equipped with hood cannons and front grill rockets with machine guns (Not real, of course), as well as an in-dash bar, revolving license plate and pager remote capabilities.